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In 2006, the first ever international meeting of genetic counselor educators was held in Manchester, England with representatives from eighteen countries, including forty-five genetic counseling programs and fifteen professional organizations. At this inaugural conference, “Genetic Counseling Education: Connecting the Global Community,” participants were eager to tap the potential for future collaboration and created the Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling.

TAGC strives to foster communication and collaboration among the international genetic counseling community and  enhance genetic counseling education transnationally. TAGC was formally incorporated at the second conference, Barcelona 2008. Montreal 2011 was held just before the International Human Genetics Conference and plans are underway for TAGC Barcelona 2016, May 19-20.

This website serves as the nexus for the TAGC, continuing and building upon our global connections and as a resource site to the greater genetic counseling community. As you explore herein, we welcome your input and international perspectives.

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