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Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling (TAGC)
Fourth International Meeting & Tenth Anniversary

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain
May 19 -20th, 2016

Thursday 19 May - The Global state of Genetic Counseling

10:00 Welcomes and Introductions
Janice Edwards, President
Meeting chairs:Kelly Ormond (USA)
Clara Serra-Juhé (Spain)
Tina Marie Wessels (South Africa)

10:00-12:00 Current international state of the profession, workforce and training status
Chairs:Tina-Marié Wessels (South Africa)
Lian-Hua Huang (Taiwan)
AustraliaKristine Barlow-Stewart, Sydney Medical School
CanadaJennifer Fitzpatrick McGill University
FranceEmeline Davoine, Oscar Lambret Cancer Centre, Lille
Philippines Mercy Laurino, University of Manila
South AfricaShelley Macaulay, University of the Witwatersrand
SpainClara Serra-Juhé of University Pompeu Fabra
TaiwanLian-Hua Huang, School of Nursing, National Taiwan University
UKDiana Scotcher, Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine
USACathy Wicklund, Northwestern University

13:00-15:00 The state of credentialing and plans for reciprocity across the globe
Chairs:Anna Middleton (UK)
Milena Paneque (Portugal)
AustralasiaIvan Macciocca, representing the Board of Censors for Genetic Counselling
CanadaKate Gardiner, representing the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors
EuropeDebby Lambert, representing the European Board of Medical Genetics
South AfricaTina Wessels, representing the Health Professions Council of South Africa
UKDiana Scotcher, representing the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board
USAKaren Potter Powell, representing American Board of Genetic Counseling

15:30-17:00 -- Open discussion about global workforce issues
Moderator: Barbara Biesecker (USA)

17:00 - Poster session

Friday 20 May -- Global trends in genetic counselor education

10:45-12:15pm Workshops

(1) Teaching technology and genomics in a rapidly changing environment
During this session we will discuss the current efforts in the UK to educate genetic counselors and other medial professionals around genomics, and efforts in the US and Australia that focus on introducing genetic counselors to genomics concepts such as variant interpretation as part of the curriculum. We will facilitate a discussion about what concepts are seen as core to genetic counselor training and continuing education, as well as how various countries balance the rapidly changing pace of technology with other core genetic counselor competencies.

Presenters:Kelly Ormond (USA)
Kristine Barlow-Stewart (Australia)
Anna Middleton (UK)

(2) Online teaching methods
During this session we will be discussing how online teaching can be utilized in genetic counselling training. The format will be formal presentations followed by group discussions:

Presenters:Kunal Sanghavi (Skype) (US/India)
Tina-Marié Wessels (South Africa)
Alexandra Obregon Tito (USA)
Sonia Margarit (Chile)

(3) Supervision in Genetic Counseling Training
This discussion-based, interactive workshop will focus on various aspects of clinical supervision. Topics for both novice and experienced supervisors will be addressed, including nuts and bolts of establishing a clinical rotation, styles of supervision, strategies for working with students at different developmental stages, and handling challenging situations.

Presenters:Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Canada)
Andrea Hanson-Kahn (USA)

(4) Facilitating family communication about genetic risk-development of novel interventions
Review the current state of interventions in promoting family communication. Small group exercises will assist participants develop techniques to support family communication. The session will conclude with facilitated discussion of the benefits and the challenges of introducing family communication techniques into genetic counseling curricula, with reference to cultural implications.

Presenters:Louisa Di Pietro (Australia)
Allison Metcalfe (UK)
Margaret Sahhar (Australia)
Diana Scotcher (UK)

13:15-14:00 Open discussion regarding international trends in genetic counseling education

TAGC Barcelona 2016 Planning Committee

Executive Planning Committee
Kelly Ormond (United States) Co-Chair
Tina Wessels (South Africa) Co-Chair
Clara Serra (Spain) Local Host
Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Canada) TAGC 2011 Chair
Margaret Sahhar (Australia)
Anna Middleton (United Kingdom)
Lian Hua Huang (Taiwan)

Additional Planning Committee Members
Hyon Kim (South Korea)
Domenico Coviello (Italy)
Chantelle Scott (South Africa)
Kunal Sanghavi (originally from India, lives in US)
Peter James Abad (Phillipines)
Sadiye Birep Aygun (Turkey)
Niby J Elackatt (India)
Andrea (Kwan) Hanson-Kahn (United States)
Emeline Davoine (France)
Alexandra Obregon-tito ‎(originally from Peru, lives in Belgium)