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2016 Update

TAGC Barcelona met May 19-20 preceding the European Society of Human Genetics Meeting. Over 75 colleagues from 20 countries connected to explore genetic counselor education, certification and workforce issues throughout the world. Breakout sessions on teaching genomics, clinical supervision training, and online learning techniques engaged the group and a poster session and hosted dinner event promoted the international exchange. Hosted by the University of Pompeu Fabra, the genetic counseling students of Spain assisted the international genetic counselors throughout the meeting.

A closed meeting of the International Committee on Genetic Counselor Credentialing was hosted by the Genetic Counselor and Nurse Division of the European Board of Medical Genetics with representatives of certification boards from Australia, Canada, France, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States. Representatives from each board will continue dialogue with the intention of a third meeting in the next 2-3 years.

Explore the photos, slides and summaries of the work of TAGC Barcelona 2016 .

Individuals and Genetic Counselor Education Programs who wish to participate in TAGC were asked to submit the 2016 network registration fee.

2011 Update

The International Committee on Genetic Counselor Credentialing began its work in Montreal, 2011, with TAGC Co-Facilitators Janice G Edwards, MS, CGC (US) and Anna Middleton, PhD, MSc, RGC (UK) The initial charge of this committee was to create direct dialogue to:

1. Understand commonalities and differences in established credentialing processes
2. Create web accessible information on credentialing linked to each organization’s website
3. Learn from the experience of organizations that have developed processes for recognizing credentials of foreign trained genetic counselors
4. Explore the possibility of certification reciprocity between countries
5. Assist countries developing credentialing through accessibility of information

Representatives of Genetic Counselor Credentialing Organizations:
American Board of Genetic Counseling: Cecelia Bellcross
Human Genetics Society of Australasia Board of Censors for Genetic Counseling: Alison McEwan (Margaret Sahhar)
Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors Certification Board: Melanie Care
Genetic Counselor Registration Board (UK): Barbara Stayner
Health Professions Council of South Africa: Mardelle Schoeman (Tina Marie Wessels)
Japanese Board of Genetic Counselors: Hiroshi Kawame

The committee also hosted a public workshop discussion at the 2011 International Congress on Human Genetics “International Genetic Counselor Credentialing: Finding the Common Ground” in October 2011.

2010 Update

  1. November 5, 2010, TAGC was accepted as a Corresponding Member of the International Federation of Human Genetic Societies
  2. Board of Directors Annual Meeting held in Gothenburg, Sweden June 12, 2010, affirmed the following plan
    1. Reappointed three year terms (2010-2013) for the following members:
      • Australia: Margaret Sahhar
      • France: Marie Antoinette Voelckel
      • Japan: Yoshi Fukushima
      • Saudi Arabia: Moeen Al Sayed
      • Taiwan: Lian Huan Huang
    2. Biannual Fee Approved
      • Program fee of $100 for two-year participation of any faculty associated with genetic counselor education program in high income economy
      • Individual fee of $50 for two-year participation in high income economy
      • All other economies (as defined by the World Bank) to have reduced fee for two-year participation; $50 program and $25 individual
      • Graduate students in genetic counseling: no participation fee.
      • Conference registration fees will be separate from biannual fee and will be paid by all registrants to cover cost of conference
    3. TAGC to host meeting of representatives of organizations that credential genetic counselors to facilitate international exchange around recognition of credentials.
    4. TAGC Montreal 2011 to be hosted by McGill University Genetic Counseling Program October 2011 preceding the International Congress on Human Genetics. Planning Committee initiated.
    5. TAGC Abstracts collection ongoing … more than 400 abstracts in searchable database.

2009 Update

  1. TAGC Board of Directors initiated planning for 2010-2011
    1. June 2010 Gothenburg Sweden Board of Directors Meeting prior to ESHG/EMPAG
    2. TAGC Montreal 2011 Conference, hosted by McGill University Genetic Counseling Program, to be held prior to the International Congress on Human Genetics October 2011
  2. TAGC achieved 501c3 non-profit status with the United States Internal Revenue Service
  3. TAGC Board of Directors Wiki created for written communication; login and password required
  4. TAGC Partners Listserv updated
  5. TAGC Abstracts Collection ongoing

2008 Update

  1. The Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling was officially incorporated July 2, 2008 in South Carolina, United States with the assistance of attorneys from the McNair Law Firm, Columbia, SC.
  2. June 3, 2008 Standing Committee of TAGC met for the first time at the European Society of Human Genetics meeting. Initial TAGC bylaws adopted.
  3. June 3-4, 2008 TAGC Barcelona hosted at University of Pompeu Fabra. Over fifty participants from seventeen countries represented. Workshops focused on collaborative exchanges of educational materials, international student rotations, and future directions for the TAGC.
  4. TAGC purchased a subscription to RefWorks, a searchable database for master of science thesis abstracts … with the intention of promoting collaborations among genetic counseling programs internationally. Program directors submitted master of science thesis abstracts from 2007 and 2008.

2007 Update

  1. The second meeting of the TAGC was scheduled for June 4, 2008 with the assistance of Domenico Coviello and Miguel Del Campo, a satellite conference of ESHG/EMPAG  May 31-June 3.
  2. Janice Edwards met with the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Human Genetics Societies in October in San Diego to alert the group to the creation of the TAGC. The IFHGS invited TAGC to consider joining the Federation in the future.
  3. A plenary session at the American Society of Human Genetics included an introduction to the TAGC in the talk entitled, "Global Momentum in Genetic Counseling Education" given by Janice Edwards. Several TAGC Partners from Manchester 2006 were in attendance, and several inquiries were received following the presentation.