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Board of Directors

One representative from each country participating in Manchester 2006 formed the inaugural TAGC Board of Directors, formally incorporated in 2008. This Board guides the organizational planning. The TAGC meets every 2-3 years.

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TAGC Bylaws

Founding President: Janice G. Edwards, MS, CGC, University of South Carolina

Australia 2017-2019 Jan Hodgson University of Melbourne
Canada 2018-2020 Jennifer Fitzpatrick McGill University
Cuba 2016-2018 Paulina Araceli Lantigua-Cruz National Center
for Medical Genetics
France 2017-2019 Emeline Davoine University of Marseille
Israel 2018-2020 Shiri Shkedi Hebrew Univiversity
Hadassah Med. Center
Italy 2008-2011 Domenico Coviello European Society
of Human Genetics
Japan 2017-2019 Hiroshi Kawame Tohoku University
Netherlands 2018-2020 Beppy Caanen Dutch Association
of Genetic Counsellors
Norway 2017-2019 Ă…shil d Lunde University of Bergen
Philippines 2018-2020 Peter James Abad University of the Philippines
Portugal 2018-2020 Milena Paneque University of Porto
Saudi Arabia 2017-2019 Moeen Al-Sayed King Faisal  Hospital
& Research Center
South Africa 2016-2018 Tina Wessels University of Cape Town
South Korea 2018-2020 Hyon Kim Ajou University
Kyunyang University
Spain 2018-2020 Clara Serra University of Pompeu Fabra
Taiwan 2017-2019 Lian-Hua Huang National Taiwan University
United Kingdom 2018-2020 Rhona Macleod University of Manchester
United States 2016-2018 Barbara Biesecker

Johns Hopkins University National Human Genome Research Institute